Biocare Psyllium Husk Plantago Ovata Organic X2 X 250g

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Basic Information of Product

  • Psyllium Husk Plantago Ovata 250gm
  • Rich in fibre to ensure bowel ease and regularity
  • Helps to lower cholesterol
  • Promote a healthy digestive system.
  • Appetite suppressant.
  • Mild laxative.
Plantago shell is rich in soluble fiber, its great water absorption can soften stool and prevent constipation by promoting normal bowel movement; the gel formed during digestion increases fullness, thereby slowing absorption of glucose and reducing food intake for weight loss.   车前子壳含有丰富的水溶性纤维,吸水度佳,可软化粪便,促进肠道正常排空,避免便秘的产生;且其所形成的凝胶具有镇定作用,可减缓葡萄糖的吸收及达到减肥少吃的目的。   Direction Of Use: 1 tablespoon(±20gm) of the BioCare Psyllium Husk taken with one glass of water on empty stomach, at least half an hour before weal. Stir briskly and drink an additional glass of water or more is helpful. 一汤匙 BioCare 车前子壳(±20gm)加一杯清水内,快速搅拌均衡后服用,另多加几杯清水,每早空腹。

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