Biocare Organic Chia Seed 2 x 250gm

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Basic Information of Product

  • USDA certified organic
  • Premium seeds cleaned and selected through our rigorous two-stage process
  • Highest plant source omega-3 fatty acids (ALA)
  • 10x more omega-3 than salmon
Chia Seeds, a type of edible seeds from a plant of mint family. 奇亚籽,最方便的健康美食 Chia Seeds, a type of edible seeds from a plant of mint family. They are high in Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidant. 奇亞籽是一种属薄荷科植物的种子。它富含Omega-3脂肪酸,并且含有天然抗氧化剂。 许多重要的营养素如OEMGA-3和矿物质,是人体内不能合成也不能储存的,需要每天饮食中获取。奇亚最让人欣喜的是它几乎可以随时随地随意地食用,直接添加到任何食物和饮料中,如和果酱一起涂抹面包,加到牛奶,麦片和任何软饮。最神奇的是将奇亚籽加到常温水中,几分钟就变成像西米露一样爽滑的饮料。

Direction Of Use:

1 tatble spoon (±10gm) of the BioCare CHIA SEED mix with a glass of water, beverage or juice, stir and serve.

一汤匙BioCare奇亞籽(±10gm) 加入一杯清水、饮料或果汁,搅拌后饮用。

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