Chlorophyll Stevia X3 Biocare Alfalfa Chlorophyll Stevia 500ml

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Basic Information of Product

Product details of Chlorophyll Stevia X3 Biocare Alfalfa Chlorophyll Stevia 500ml

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Alfalfa contains 4 times the chlorophyll level that of normal vegetable. A tablespoon of chlorophyll powder is equivalent to the nutrient in 1 kilogram of vegetables. It is a natural and rich with nutrients that can improve health, get rid of wrinkles and excellent anti-aging. Chlorophyll is like plant's blood, will bring energy into plant cells through photosynthesis. Consumption of chlorophyll products can help in maintaining human digestive system as well as resisting free radicals; slow down aging process, and helps body detoxification. In addition, alfalfa contains a wide variety of vitamins (A, B-1, B-6, C, E& K) and minerals (calcium, potassium, iron & zinc). It is a good source of high protein, fiber and chlorophyll plus able to helps in balancing cholesterol level.   紫花苜蓿含有丰富的叶绿素,是普通蔬菜含量的4倍,一匙的叶绿素粉等于一公斤的蔬菜营养。可想而知,它天然纯正的丰富营养,对于改善人体的健康会有很大的帮助。它能使您远离皱纹,帮助抗老! 叶绿素宛如植物的血液,经过光合作用后, 将能量带进植物细胞内。摄取叶绿素产品, 有助于维护人体的消化器官以及抵抗自由基的侵害, 预防老化, 并有人体排毒作用! 除此之外, 此产品也结合了含有多种维生素(A, B-1, B-6, C, E 和K)以及矿物质(钙,钾,铁和锌)的紫花苜蓿精华。紫花苜蓿同时也是丰富蛋白质, 纤维以及叶绿素的来源,对於人体内胆固醇值的平衡也相当有帮助!   Health Benefits of Alfalfa Chlorophyll:
  1. It helps in the growth and repair of tissues.
  2. Chlorophyll helps in neutralizing the pollution that we breathe in and intake everyday - a good  supplement for smokers.
  3. It efficiently delivers magnesium and helps the blood in carrying the much needed oxygen to all cells and tissues.
  4. It is also found to be useful in assimilating and chelating calcium and other heavy minerals.
  5. It has a good potential in stimulating red blood cells to improve oxygen supply.
  6. Along with other vitamins such as A, C and E, chlorophyll can help neutralize free radicals that is damaging to healthy cells.
  7. Chlorophyll is also an effective deodorizer to reduce bad breath, urine, fecal waste, and body odor.
  8. It may reduce the ability of carcinogens to bind with the DNA in different major organs in the body.
  9. Chlorophyll may be useful in treating calcium oxalate stone ailments.
  10. It possesses some anti-atherogenic activity as well.
  11. It can be used to treat infected wounds naturally.
  12. It has anti-mutagenic and anti-carcinogenic properties so that it may be helpful in protecting your body against toxins and in reducing drug  side effects.
  1. 它可以帮助身体组织的生长和修复。
  2. 叶绿素有助于中和我们每天吸取的污染物质,是吸烟者最理想的营养补助品。
  3. 它有效地提供镁,并帮助血液输送重要的氧气给所有身体的细胞和组织。
  4. 它也可以有效同化和螯合钙和其他矿物质。
  5. 它拥有刺激红血球以改善氧气供应的良好潜能。
  6. 伴随其他维生素如维生素A, C 和 E ,叶绿素有助于中和那些损害健康细胞的自由基。
  7. 叶绿素也是一种有效减少口臭,尿液,粪便和身体气味的除臭剂。
  8. 它能减少致癌物质与身体各主要器官的DNA结合。
  9. 叶绿素有助于草酸钙结石疾病的治疗。
  10. 它具有抗主动脉硬化的功能。
  11. 它可使伤口感染自然的愈合。
  12. 它具有抗细胞突变和抗致癌特性,以便它可以保护你的身体对抗毒素和
  13. 减少药物的副作用。

Who should drink alfalfa chlorophyll?

  • People who cannot stand cold.
  • People who are too thin and weak.
  • Those suffering from rheumatism.
  • Often drink alcohol and tobacco.
  • People who frequently dine out.
  • Those dislike vegetables intake.
  • Poor physiological people.
  • Those with liver problem.
  • People who looked pale.
  • Those who tired easily.
  • Those who are obese.
  • Those with body odour and bad breath problem.
  • Those with constant sore throat problem.
  • Those who lead stressful and busy life.
  • People who with tracheal problems.
  • Those with constipation problems
  • 过于瘦弱的人         有便秘问题的人         经常在外用餐的人         肥胖的人
  • 生理不调的人         气管有毛病的人         不喜欢吃蔬菜的人         怕冷的人
  • 容易疲累的人         肝脏有问题的人         患有风湿病痛的人         气色不好的人
  • 嗜烟好酒的人         时常喉咙痛的人         有体臭及口臭的人

Packing form:

500ml 包装形式: 500毫升


Alfalfa, sodium copper chlorophyll and purified water. 成分: 紫花苜蓿,叶绿素铜钠和纯净水

Recommended Dosage:

Once a day 建议用量: 每日一次。

Direction of use:

Mix one tablespoon (or ±15ml) of NewCo Alfalfa Chlorophyll into 250ml of water. Stir well and serve. 服用说明:



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