Biocare IgG Colostrum Powder 300g

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Basic Information of Product

Improve calcium absorption and bone mineral density. Strengthen the immune system. Provide nutrients essential for normal metabolism, growth and development. Reduce inflammation caused by arthritis, infection or injury whether Promote body metabolism and delay cell aging. Help for better digestion and bowel function. Balance blood sugar and increase the breakdown of fat. Support maternal and fetal health throughout the pregnancy. Feeling exhausted, no appetite, constant fatigue, susceptible to colds? These are the symptoms of reduced immunity. Modern busy life and unhealthy living habits such as unbalanced diets, lacking sleep and exercises are the causing factors for mental fatigue, physical aging and abnormal immune system, ultimately leading to low resistance to bacteria, viruses and diseases. Biocare lgG colostrum is fortified with additional lgG specially caters for people with low immunity. Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is the most prominent antibody in the human serum, accounting for 70-80% of the total antibodies. It is the major antibody with great resistance to various bacteria and viruses. Supplementation of lgG supports the body's own resistance to disease in order to cope with the challenge brought by the pressure of life and unhealthy foods on the immune function wherein the active IgG plays a key role. 乏力、食欲下降、容易疲劳, 易患感冒等都是免疫力下降的症状。现代人因忙碌的生活与不良生活习惯造成心理疲劳,睡眠不足,饮食失衡,缺乏运动,身体老化,导致人体免疫系统异常,难以抵御细菌、病毒侵入而发病。牛初乳, 特别添加了免疫球蛋白G, 以迎合低免疫力人群的需求。免疫球蛋白G(IgG)是人血清中含量最高的抗体,它占血清免疫球蛋白的70-80%,是体内最主要的抗体,对各种细菌、病毒都有很强的抵抗力。人体摄入后可有效提高自身抗病能力,只有这样才能从容面对生活压力和泛滥成灾的方便食品对机体免疫功能的挑战, 关键是活性免疫球蛋白IgG在发挥作用。 提高钙的吸收和骨密度。 增强人体免疫。 提供身体代谢,生长和发育所需要的营养。 减少关节炎,感染或损伤所引起的炎症。 促进生长代谢,延缓细胞老化。 帮助消化和排便功能。 平衡血糖及增加脂肪分解。 增强孕期准妈妈体质、维护母婴健康。 Packing form: 300g 包装形式: 300克 Ingredient Skim colostrum milk powder 成份 脱脂牛初乳奶粉。 Recommended Dosage Children (2 - 12 years old): 7.5 - 15g / 1 - 2 scoop(s) per day. Adult: 15 - 30g / 2 - 4 scoops per day 建议用量: 儿童 (2-12 岁): 7.5-15 g / 1-2 scoop(s) 每一天。 成人: 15-30 克 / 每日 2-4 汤匙。 Direction of Use Mix recommended dosage into 200ml of lukewarm water (40ºC), stir well and serve. Feel free to vary the water level and temperature for your preference. Cocoa powder, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds and other solid food materials may be added. 服用说明 : 用推荐剂量治疗混入 200 毫升的温水 (40 ° C)、 搅拌均匀和服务。随意设置不同的水位和温度对您的首选项。可能添加可可粉、 南瓜籽、 亚麻籽和其他固体食物材料。 Address 地址: 30 & 32, Jalan Perindustrian Silibin 1, Kawasan Perindustrian Ringan Silibin, 30100 Ipoh, Perak. Marketed By 由销售: TST HEALTH CARE SDN.BHD Contact Us 联络我们: Phone:+605-5292020 Fax: +605-5292021 Email : Email : Shipping & Delivery: 1. If the product ordered is out-of-stock, we will contact you to confirm a new delivery date or other instructions. 2. All items delivered are ensured at the best quality. Customer must inspect product immediately upon arrival to ensure the item is good in condition. #colostrum


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