Biocare Green Apple Fiber 4 X 7 sachets X12g Detox

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Basic Information of Product

Product details of Biocare Green Apple Fiber 4 X 7 sachets X12g Detox

  • Cleanse our body by detoxification
  • Control body weight
  • Promote bowel movement
  • Improve digestive system
  • Helps to reduce risk of heart disease
  • Provide intestinal tract a balancing bacteria environment
  • Enhance body immune system
BioCare Green Apple Fiber is a functional fiber drink that specially formulated to meet our daily fiber intake. It is an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber which is important to maintain a healthy digestive system. It helps to relieve constipation, stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria and promote healthy weight loss. BioCare Green Apple Fiber contains natural source of soluble and insoluble fibers, which with consistent intake will help enhance digestion and regulate the peristalsis process. It is a good choice to help you stay healthy and keep your body in shape.   BioCare Green Apple Fiber 是一种功能性纤维饮料,为了满足我们日常纤维摄入而配制。 它包含了可溶性和不溶性纤维,对维持健康的消化系统非常重要。它有助于缓解便秘,促进良菌的生长及有利于瘦身。   BioCare Green Apple Fiber 含有纯天然的可溶性和不溶性纤维,持续饮用有助于消化及促进肠胃蠕动。因此,它是让您保持健康及完美的体型的好的选择。   好处: •    为我们的身体排毒 •    控制体重 •    有利于排便 •    改善消化系统 •    减低心脏疾病的风险 •    提供肠道内良菌的生长环境 •    增强免疫系统

Packing form:

7 Sachets x 12g 包装形式: 7 包 x 12 克   Ingredients       :  Apple Fiber, Apple Powder, Oats Fiber, Wheat Fiber, Citric Acid, Green Tea,  Fructose and Inulin. 成份                :苹果纤维,苹果粉,燕麦纤维,小麦纤维,柠檬酸,绿茶,果糖和菊糖。   Recommended Dosage   : Take 1-2 sachets per day on an empty/ light stomach. Dos yang disyorkan           : 1- 2 paket sehari. 建议用量         :每一天服用1至2包。   Direction of use                 :  Mix 1 sachet of  GREEN APPLE FIBER with 200ml lukewarm/  cold previously boiled water, stir and drink. 服用说明    :将一包Biocare 绿苹果纤维倒入在200毫升温热/冷的白开水混合,搅拌后饮用。   Storage                                  : Store in a cool, dry place. Cara penyimpanan          : Simpan di tempat yang sejuk dan kering. Website : apple-fiber-1.jpg apple-fiber-2.jpg apple-fiber-3.jpg icon.jpg

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What’s in the box
4 X Biocare Green Apple Fiber 7 sachets


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