Biocare Alfalfa Chlorophyll Stevia 500ml 叶绿素

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Basic Information of Product

Product details of Biocare Alfalfa Chlorophyll Stevia 500ml 叶绿素

  alfalfa-chlorophyll3.jpg alfalfa-chlorophyll4.jpgstevia1.jpgstevia2.jpg   谁应该饮用紫花苜蓿叶绿素?
  • ​过于瘦弱的人         有便秘问题的人         经常在外用餐的人         肥胖的人
  • 生理不调的人         气管有毛病的人         不喜欢吃蔬菜的人         怕冷的人
  • 容易疲累的人         肝脏有问题的人         患有风湿病痛的人         气色不好的人
  • 嗜烟好酒的人         时常喉咙痛的人         有体臭及口臭的人


Alfalfa contains 4 times more chlorophyll than ordinary vegetables. This product combines the essence of multiple vitamins (A, B-1, B-6, C, E and K) and minerals (calcium, potassium, iron, zinc). One tablespoon of chlorophyll is equivalent to consumption of 1 kg of vegetables ---- providing you with a convenient, concentrated green food product for health promotion. 因它能促进新陈代谢,强化免疫系统功能。过去种种的见证及化验证明了叶绿素拥有清、调、补三大功效,可以改善人体的体质,并有促进健康的效益。  

Who should drink alfalfa chlorophyll?

  • People who cannot stand cold.
  • People who are too thin and weak.
  • Those suffering from rheumatism.
  • Often drink alcohol and tobacco.
  • People who frequently dine out.
  • Those dislike vegetables intake.
  • Poor physiological people.
  • Those with liver problem.
  • People who looked pale.
  • Those who tired easily.
  • Those who are obese.
  • Those with body odour and bad breath problem.
  • Those with constant sore throat problem.
  • Those who lead stressful and busy life.
  • People who with tracheal problems.
  • Those with constipation problems

Packing form:

500ml 包装形式: 500毫升


Alfalfa, sodium copper chlorophyll and purified water. 成分: 紫花苜蓿,叶绿素铜钠和纯净水

Recommended Dosage:

Once a day 建议用量: 每日一次。

Direction of use:

Mix one tablespoon (or ±15ml) of NewCo Alfalfa Chlorophyll into 250ml of water. Stir well and serve. 服用说明: 把1汤匙(或±15毫升)苜蓿叶绿素加入一杯250毫升水,然后饮用。


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