2x Biocare IgG colostrum chewable tablet 200s x 200mg

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Basic Information of Product

  • High lmmunoglobulin Content
  • Enduring Activeness
  • Non heaty
  • Strong Wholesome Combination

The raw milk colostrum powder of Biocare IgG Colostrum Chewable tablet is imported from New Zealand's largest milk powder production company. The milk powder is derived within 24-48 hours from the milk of breast cows that have just given birth to the young cows. The milk powder is considered the new generation milk powder which is different from the ordinary colostrums.

Strong Wholesome Combination:  The milk powder contains lgG, lgA, lgm etc natural antibodies and unique growth factors, more than 50 types of active ingredients and also more than 20 types of essential nutrients. The ingredients fulfill the physiological requirement of human body and not just emphasize on the singular immunoglobulin of colostrum. High lmmunoglobulin Content  Increases active immunoglobulin content, thus reduces calorie and fats contents and assures that the growing children will have adequate immunoglobulin dema , aYOid vomiting, diarrhea, eczema and other symptoms.   Enduring Activeness 100% naturel ingredients. Manufactured with state-of-the-art constant temperature transimission system and unique low temperature dry spray technique.   Dosage/Dos yang disyorkan: Chew 5 tablets per time, twice a day.   Ingredients/Ramuan: - Instant Skim Milk Powder - colostrum powder - Malted Chocolate powder - Inulin   Recommended Dosage Children------Chew 5 tablets, 3 times daily. Adult------Chew 10 tablets, 3 times daily. 建议用量: 儿童------咀嚼5粒,每日3次。 成人------咀嚼10粒,每日3次。 Direction of Use

Take it with warm water, best before meal.

服用说明 : 餐前以温开水服用。  


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